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The Gathering

The Gathering is a non-profit, respite care organization dedicated to building a center where those with special needs can be safely cared for while their caregivers take time to recharge. It welcomes individuals of all ages, all abilities, and all needs at any time. The Gathering is an all-inclusive, state-of-the-art, one-stop building for those in need of assistance with their loved one. It includes a full nursing staff, therapy programs, indoor and outdoor activities, and much more. The Gathering is a safe and fun location for all.

Individuals with special needs will cultivate friendships at The Gathering, experience a safe haven of love and acceptance, develop a sense of purpose through meaningful jobs and responsibilities, celebrate abilities and accomplishments, and embrace both community and independence. It is The Gathering’s philosophy to nurture achievement with these extraordinary individuals. Caring for a disabled child or adult is hard work, and finding a daycare or caregiver is complicated. The Gathering addresses these issues with a solution unlike any other.

I had the opportunity to rebrand The Gathering, a project that meant a great deal to me because it dealt with an issue that hit close to home. My younger brother has a number of special needs, so I knows the struggles that come with caring for someone with a disability. It is tiring, exhausting, and a huge challenge, but at the same time such a wonderful blessing. I understand how much work it is to take care of someone with special needs. Caregivers need help sometimes. They need assistance and support. So to help an organization that makes this aid accessible was a dream come true.